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Browse AI is said to be the easiest way to extract and monitor data from any website, which means it can obtain data from any of the 1.8 billion websites in the form of a spreadsheet that fills itself and get alerts for data changes. This tool helps you keep updated and informed with the current events related to your brand, company, or business. 

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What is Browse AI

Browse AI is the first AI-powered web automation software that learns to perform data extraction, monitoring, and automation tasks on the web simply by observing someone perform the actions once. 

You can train a robot to interact with websites and gain structured data by simply recording your actions to get access and automatic updates to live data when you customise a robot to monitor the obtained data for its changes every now and then. 

Using the same robot, the users can automatically detect data patterns on a page that will enable you to select and label the data you need, and, in your option, the tool can give you email alerts to quickly inform you whenever your robot detects changes by training one robot to extracts all the links and a second robot to extract their information.

Browse AI also grants you the capability to run up to 1,000 tasks at a time, thus letting you scrape tons of pages at once by using its bulk run feature. The tool allows you to turn any website into an API or application programming interface and then run the task manually or on schedule. Once finished, you can transfer the obtained information to numerous other tools and CRMs. The platform also offers native integration for Google Sheets and Airtable.

This tool can bring out hundreds of selectors for each element, empowering it to adapt automatically to website changes.

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There are three ways that Browse AI can be used; one is to choose a prebuilt robot; browse AI creates almost every week a new prebuilt robot for the most popular use cases; in this way, it typically takes two clicks and less than a minute.

Next is, you can do the scraping of the website yourself, but no need for you to do the coding since Browse AI made it as easy and quick as possible; anyone can use their browser extension to extract or monitor data from any website. 

Last, have a specialist set- up your website automation; Browse AI ensures and aims that their users have a great experience in using their tools.

Plans And Feature 

The plan applies credits to all the premium sites; offers concurrent execution, which means multiple processes are being executed at a time. 

The tool feature also includes 1-hour checks and 40- day retention of past information that can help you track changes and predict future outcomes.

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The plan provides lifetime access to browse AI with all the future plan updates included; it can stack up to 8 codes and is General Data Protection Regulation compliant is aimed to guide and regulate the way companies across the world will handle their customer’s personal information to create strong and unified data protection for all individuals.

The Cost of Using Browse AI

Browse AI offers three categories for their one-time purchase plan; Single, which costs $98; Double, which costs $196; and Multiple– $294. All three categories offer all the features mentioned above and all the starter features. 

Single, Double, and Multiple provide 2,500; 5,000; and 7,500 credits per month, respectively. Credit is what the users use to extract a row of data or capture a screenshot. For example, if there are 60 product details from a website and you need to extract a row of data from each product, then it would take 50 credits. 

The Single package offers 10 robots, while both Double and Multiple offer unlimited robots. 

Points to take about Browse AI

  • Some users claimed that it doesn’t work on every site and gives an unexpected error when running up a task on some sites.
  • Each extracted record costs 1 credit, and regular sites do not cost anything extra.
  • Premium sites cost an additional 20 credits for each task execution. 
  • The starting price of $98 dollar is set to increase this coming August 11, 2022
  • The purchaser must redeem their codes within 60 days of purchase when they want to continue using the tool, and the Browse AI ensures a 60-day money-back guarantee. 
  • Browse AI offers a 20% discount if you choose to prepay for a year of service. There are also additional discounts for nonprofits, educational institutions, and start-up businesses. 
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According to some users, some aspects of the Browse AI need improvement; first, it needs to automate the start of the data extractions based on selected intervals non-dependent on the monitor; second, the selection of the data seems to duplicate when integrating with the google sheets; third, make the option to run up the bulk URL in sequential order: fourth and last is that it should connect the bots together. 

The creator clarified that, first, there is an ongoing project feature on Browse AI- Google Sheet add-on to automatically delete old or duplicate data

Second, the team is currently adding advanced monitoring schedule features that will allow the users to pick specific time frames and weekdays for monitoring. 

Third, connecting or integrating the bots is another feature under development in the public product roadmap. 

Fourth, the bulk run already runs in a sequential order, where the first row runs first, but the user’s option can also run in a reverse order, which handles the most recent first. This can be done in the task history tab. 


Here is the list of alternatives to Browse AI

  • Fivetran
  • Bright Data
  • Altair Monarch 
  • Hevo Data
  • Ephesoft
  • Dataddo 
  • Apify

Users Reviews

Jim228, a verified purchaser of Browse AI, stated that the tool is probably the most intuitive no-code scraper that he has encountered.  He acknowledges that the “show me what you want” interface works well for him. He commented that it took him an estimated three minutes to teach a robot to pull down lists of Amazon bestsellers, and two minutes later, the same robot had pulled down over a dozen categories. He testified that Browse AI could be used by anyone as it does not need any technical skill to operate.


Another verified purchaser, who has a username of 5efab3435bb6426c801d6d81d8669d7c, swears that it only took him a day of using Browse AI to save a week worth of work. He declared that Browse AI is a must-have tool for people who want and needs structured data.

Our Final Take 

This tool provides many benefits, especially to those individuals that have no or little knowledge about coding since they can easily do the task connected to coding by using Browse AI. 

In addition, even the people that are knowledgeable on how to code, build a reliable web scraper and collaborate with their other tools can consume a great amount of their time. 

In line with these reasons, it is recommended to use Browse AI for fastening tasks related to extracting data and monitoring changes that would help you adapt quickly according to the changes relied on you. 

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