ClickFunnels Review- Overhyped or Legit_

ClickFunnels Review: Overhyped or Legit?


What is a Click Funnel?

click funnel is where traffic comes to your website, and those people turn into sales/clients/business.

straightforward way to think of this is that people come to your website as potential leads and end up spending money on your products/service as a customer.

What Businesses Would Benefit from This?

The benefits would be greater for small businesses and startups. The is because a ClickFunnels is designed to bring in customers and make them buy something. However, a 4 times cheaper alternative is, which allows you to do the same things

If you are a well-known brand or company, this isn’t something that you need to invest innecessarily. Your brand is known, and people are already making purchases and choosing your company.

However, for a startup company, a ClickFunnels service could mean the difference between sinking and floating.

You do receive a 14-day free trial, and depending on the plan you select, it starts off at $97 per month.

The Features of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels offers a wide variety of services that you can utilize to improve your conversion rate of customers and reach your audience better.

You can create a customized click funnel, or use one of the templates available. Once you create a click funnel you can then start with:

  • editing you click funnel
  • automating your click funnel
  • publishing your click funnel
  • adding your contacts and email lists
  • setting up broadcasts
  • creating campaigns
  • integrating your services

ClickFunnels is very easy to use and is a phenomenal tool for any business to use – even if you’re a beginner.

1. Choose Your Funnel

You’ll start on your Dashboard where you can see introductory videos to creating funnels. You can watch those if you’d like. Select the Add New button when you’re ready to make a funnel.

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You want to choose the funnel that will help you reach your goal best. There are three types of funnels to choose from.

You can choose to create a Collect Emails funnel, a Sell Your Product funnel, or a Host Webinar funnel. Choose the best one for you to achieve your goal.

Once you choose your option, you can then Name and Select Group Tag before you continue. Click on the Build Funnel button to be directed to the Funnel Dashboard.

2. Use the Funnels Page Editor

The Funnel Dashboard is where you can select the opt-in and thank you page templates and customize them accordingly. You can even add new steps to offer add-on products, more downloads, etc.

Choose the template for your Opt-in screen and select the Edit Page button underneath the chosen template. If you selected the wrong template, you could choose to remove itdelete it, and or even clone the step.

On the Page Editor, you can choose to edit the settings, the popupsectionsrowscolumns, and the elements of the template. Save often and preview your template to make sure it looks the way you want it to.

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To Edit the text, you can click on the section you want to edit. The box or menu will pop-up and allow you to customize the template for your needs.

Once you are satisfied with your template, you can Save and then Exit the page editor.

Next, you can click on the Thank You step and select a template for your subscribers. Once you select a template, select the Edit Page button to be taken to the Page Editor.

Edit the template as you like, then select Save and then Exit the Page Editor.

If you do want to Add Another Step to your funnel, select that and continue just like before. Once you are finished, you can select the Automation Tab at the top.

3. Create Your Campaign

The Automation Tab takes the steps you created and automates them depending on your demands. Select Add New Action and a pop-up will appear.

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You have two options to select: Action Settings and Action Delay. For the Action Settings tab, you can name the action, choose the condition, the integration, the to do, and the with.

With the Action Delay tab, you can choose the delay for days and hours. Update and Create your funnel action.

4. Launch Your Funnel

It’s now time to launch your funnel from restricted access to the public. To Publish your funnel, select the Publishing tab next to the Automation tab.

You can Rename your steps here, Choose the Pathupdate your funnel, get the links and codes, and add a Text Option.

5. Actionectics by ClickFunnels

Actionetics are features the ClickFunnels team put into their services. These are tools that allow you to set up your contactsemail listbroadcasts, and action funnels.

If we click on the Actionetics tab, we’ll be taken to the Actionetics Dashboard with the Contact Profiles section open. You can choose to Download Contacts or Import Contacts.

If you click on the Email Lists section, you will see your lists of emails. You can choose to Add New List or Import Contacts. You can group your emails by subscribersunsubscribersemployeesclients, etc.

Clicking on Email Broadcasts will show your stats on how many people were sent the emailhow many clicked on it, and how many unsubscribers you have. Click on New Email Broadcast to create a new broadcast to your subscribers.

Lastly, you can click on the Action Funnels section. Select New Action Funnel to open the creation page.

The pop-up will have you Name the action funnel, and you can choose to Add Group Tag and Add a List to directly send them to those in that list of emails. Select Create Action Funnel.

The Action Funnel Creation Page will open, and you’ll need to Create the First Step.

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Type in the Step NameHow many Days/Hours to Trigger It, and Choose the Trigger. Lastly, select Add New Funnel Step.

Depending on your first step, you will need to choose a template for your step. Mine was a newsletter, so I will be sending an email action funnel.

Select the template you like. You can choose to edit it and add a rule group. Select the Add a Rule Group button to open the small menu list.

This is where you can choose options like:

  • social media
  • contact information
  • funnel steps
  • products
  • broadcasts seen
  • lists they’re apart of
  • and an email step.

Once decided, you can choose to Add Rule Group again or Save Rule Group Changes.

Continue building up your steps until you are happy with the campaign actions you are building. You can add as many steps as you like and customize every aspect of the campaign.

Services You Can Integrate

With the way businesses have websitesonline stores, and multiple platforms to send out email marketing and trying to bring clients in – you can rest easy with ClickFunnels.

You can utilize ClickFunnels services to incorporate all parts of your business. The ability to integrate your services from other platforms makes it easier than ever to stay on one platform to manage it all.

Click on the Account button and select the Integrations section. Click on the Add New Integration button to bring up the Integrations Pop-Up.

You can select the service you want to Integrate and give it a Nickname. Once you select your service, you will have to authorize the service.

Once you input the key or authorize the service, you can Create Integration, and you can use it immediately.

Utilizing ClickFunnels

Businesses are always trying to pull in clients from all around the web from any resource available. ClickFunnels allows you to use all their tools and integrate all the others to work solely from one platform.

I found ClickFunnels easy to use, very straightforward, and easy to master, and they have a wide variety of templates and design features that can help you with any business you’re in.

If you are an entrepreneur on multiple platforms – struggling to keep up with them all (or not), try ClickFunnels.

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