Grum Reviews- Schedule your Instagram from the Web!

Grum Reviews: Schedule your Instagram from the Web!


About Grum.Co

Grum.Co is a service where you can schedule and post content to your Instagram account(s).

Grum lets you schedule the post day and time and choose between the accounts that you manage. You can use Grum from any computer and location – so if you’re travelling and you have your laptop and want to schedule pictures of your trip before you fly off to another adventure – you can!

Grum has a very straightforward system and design; combining simplicity and minimalistic features at their finest and makes posting your pictures a snap.

Benefits of Using Grum

Using Grum can free up some time that you have dedicated to social media – at least on Instagram. You can schedule posts in advance, so you don’t have to worry about missing any deadlines.

If you’re travelling – as entrepreneurs often are or vacationing and you forget about your social media, without Grum, you’ve disappeared to your viewers.

However, if you have been scheduling posts with Grum in advance – you have nothing to fear and can enjoy a little vacay time!

Businesses who want to dedicate time to Instagram – but also other social media platforms should utilize this service. You can dedicate one day a week to scheduling posts, and the rest of the week can be to work on other things.

If you are a social media manager – I also recommend this service to you – highly recommend it. This will make keeping track of all your accounts, posts, scheduled posts, and keep you productive.

The best part is Grum is completely affordable from 2 accounts to more than 5. Starting at $10 per month for 2 accounts and growing from there. You even get your first 3 days – FREE!

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How Does Grum Work?

Grum works to benefit you – how you choose to use it is up to you. You can use Grum in several ways:

  • Posting Directly to Your Timeline
  • Scheduling Posts
  • Accessing Content Quickly
  • Managing Multiple Accounts

You want to stay responsible when using Grum. If you have too many pictures (10+ in one hour), you can get flagged for suspicious activity.

It is recommended that you post 1-2 big pictures a day; however, some people will post about 5-10 a dayLarge brands post between 5-10 pics a week.

Your Timeline

Your timeline is also your dashboard. This is where you can upload contentaccess your picturesswitch between accounts, and schedule posts.

First, I’ll show you how to work with your timeline.

On your timeline, you’ll see lots of features you can utilize – and even share the Grum page to your friends on other social media platforms. To add media to your timeline, select the plus sign.

After the plus sign is selected, the file explorer will pop up. Choose your file and select the open button.

After you open your file, the Instagram content will appear. You can add a captiontagschoose which account to post to, you can choose to schedule it here or to post the content now.

If you select the post now button, the post will directly upload to the Instagram page, and you will see it on your timeline.

Quickly Access Posts

A feature on Grum that I especially love is the ability to click on a photo from the timeline and go straight to my post. I don’t like browsing through my photos on my phone looking for a specific post I passed three times.

On your timeline, you can select any image you want. When you hover over the image, you can see the date it was posted, the time, the loves and the comments. Click on the picture.

Clicking on the image will take you directly to the image posted on Instagram. You will see the descriptiontags used, the stats – everything. This makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

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Scheduling Your Posts

love having the ability to schedule content in the event I ever need to. If I’m going on vacation, going on a trip, or just want to disappear for a while, I can without anyone else knowing. This way, I’m also not neglecting my Instagram account, but I’m spending time with my family and friends.

At the top of your timeline, you’ll see the scheduled button next to the timeline button. Click on it to switch over to see all your scheduled posts.

Which I currently have none of. Select the plus sign to add media, and the file explorer will open once again. Select your image of choice and then select open.

The image will display with all the Instagram content. It’ll look like when you uploaded to your timeline. You can input the caption – and the nifty feature is the ability to get the first comment.

Ever since I learned about this nifty hack, I’ve been using it. Select the first comment buttonenter your hashtags, and no one can look at those ugly things again (unless they want to)!

Now you can choose which account to upload it to, schedule it or post. Select the schedule button.

When you return to your scheduled dashboard (you may need to refresh the page), you’ll see your post scheduled for Instagram. Until it posts, you can edit the image and content and change the date and time.

Multiple Accounts

I don’t have multiple accounts, but I do think this is a nice feature to mention. This is a phenomenal tool (in my opinion) for social media managers and agencies who work on Instagram growth and content.

At the top of your timeline, you’ll see your Instagram name. Click on the down arrow beside your name to show all your linked accounts. If you want to add more, you can select the plus sign or add account button.

Now, all you must do is enter the login credentials, select add account, and verify that account. Once you complete this step, the account will be available to use on Grum.

Choosing to Use Grum.Co

chose to use Grum because I like the simple posting style, the minimalistic design, and the ease of finding your pictures. I find the ability to schedule posts nice in the event I need it.

Grum is very easy for beginners to use, and experts will find the simplicity relaxing from their day-to-day arduous tasksAny skill level is compatible with Grum – along with any size business.

I do recommend using Grum – or at least giving it a try – to see if this Instagram manager can help you with your posting habits and staying on schedule.

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