Keyword Tool Dominator Review- The Best Keyword Research Tool_

Keyword Tool Dominator Review: The Best Keyword Research Tool?


E-commerce has been growing steadily for years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has seen the concept of buying as many goods as possible online explode, with increases in online spending being seen across all product niches and age demographics.

One of the oldest eCommerce sites on the Internet, one that has enjoyed continued growth for over 25 years is eBay. eBay is still a powerhouse in e-commerce even in the ‘Age of Amazon’ both for buyers and sellers.

As so many sellers compete in the eBay marketplace, it probably won’t surprise you to learn – especially as you are reading a blog post on this website – that eBay SEO is a ‘thing’ that any seller looking to boost the visibility of their listings on the platform – and hopefully their sales – should be paying attention to.

As is the case for any SEO effort, keywords are especially important. However, the mistake many of those attempting to do a little DIY eBay SEO make – and in fact, some SEO agencies too – is using a standard keyword tool designed to find keywords to help them rank in Google or Bing.

Why is this a mistake? Surely any keyword research tool is fine? Not quite. eBay does not make use of Google for its search function; it has its own search algorithm – called Cassini – which, unsurprisingly works rather differently to Google or any other standard search engine. If you want a little more insight into how it works, this video does an excellent job of explaining the basics:

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But it’s not just eBay that has its own search engine and its own ranking algorithm. Amazon also has its own search engine and algorithm – Amazon A9. Etsy and Walmart, while their search functions do not have names the way they function is a proprietary ‘secret’ as well. If you sell – or plan to sell – on any of these platforms, then a Google-focused keyword research tool is just not going to give you the best results.

This means that you need a different keyword research tool. While there are a number of offerings out there today that are specifically geared towards keyword research for eCommerce sites, we are going to take a look here at one of the more popular, Keyword Tool Dominator.

What is Keyword Tool Dominator?

To kickoff our Keyword Tool Dominator review…let’s start with what it is.

Keyword Tool Dominator is a web-based SEO tool – we loved web-based, don’t you? – that comprises a number of keyword tools that are focused on e-commerce. In addition to their excellent eBay Keyword Tool you can, from the same interface, access an Etsy keyword tool, Amazon tool, Walmart keyword tool, and more.

If you have used keyword tools for SEO before then the learning curve you will have to deal with when using Keyword Tool Dominator should be small and even if you have not, it’s not rocket science.

Getting started is easy. Simply enter your product, or product category, and the country you intend to sell in. For this example, we are using the eBay keyword tool, but all the tools are remarkably similar.

Here we are going to use a keyword we have worked with recently for a client, and something that is very much an in-demand commodity right now in the UK, US, and Europe – face masks.

ebay SEO

After inputting the basic product term – face mask – we are presented with this results page. The data used is pulled directly from eBay listings, both those that are currently active and listings that have been active within the last three months.

Once you have your list, you can download it, like an Excel sheet or a CSV. It’s simple, but the keyword data is offered in real-time so you can be assured you are getting keywords that are actively being searched by consumers RIGHT now.

There is more though, and this may be the part we love the most about this tool. If you click on the link at the right of each keyword you are taken directly to the top-ranking active listings for that keyword. This allows you to see exactly what your competition is doing, making it easier to ensure that you do it better. It is competitor research made fast, easy, and presented in real-time visual form, and it is extremely helpful.

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eBay SEO

This example is for the keyword face mask yellow on eBay:

As you can see, there is plenty of inspiration and insight here that you can use to make your own listings better IN ADDITION to knowing that you are targeting an active, good volume keyword.

Here’s a search for Etsy, for the same term, face mask:

etsy SEO

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As you can see, this is a pretty different set of keywords, which makes sense as Etsy’s audience is often a quite different demographic to eBay’s. By targeting tour listings to the right keywords for the right audience if you sell on multiple platforms – which an increasing number of e-commerce concerns do -then the results you get from just this single keyword tool can help ensure each listing copy set is right for the platform you are currently focusing on.

Just to prove this point even further – we love to show proof here at Pearl Lemon, here is a look at the same keyword search for Walmart:

walmart SEO

Again, a different set of keywords that you would need to work with, as you will be targeting yet another different audience type.

What We Love About Keyword Tool Dominator

Having now made extensive use of the keyword research functions offered by Keyword Tool Dominator the one thing we know is that we like it a lot. But there are some specific features that we find especially useful:

Fast Searches

Each search is completed in about thirty seconds, even though a large volume of data is being accessed. We love this, as time is money, and we like to save as much of both as possible.

Real-Time Data

Trends change fast in every e-commerce sector, and what was selling last week may be old news this week. The real-time nature of the keyword data offered by this e-commerce keyword research tool helps ensure that you can keep your listings up to date and appealing to as many shoppers as possible on an ongoing basis.

Easy Competitor Research

Competitor research is a must in both e-commerce in general and e-commerce SEO. We love the fact that this tool makes undertaking this must-do task so extremely easy. As you are provided with the actual competitor listings themselves, you can see exactly what your competition is doing, right down to the fonts they are using in their listing templates.

Multi-Platform Tools

As we have demonstrated here, each eCommerce platform will call for different copies based on the different keywords that appeal to the specific audiences shopping there. By making use of Keyword Tool Dominator, you can get lists of them all, all in one place.

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Easy Keyword List Downloads

In most cases, you are going to be doing a lot more work with these e-commerce keyword lists, and you will likely need to share them with co-workers and/or clients. Having multiple download options is nice as that makes doing so easier to adapt to individual preferences and software needs.

Keyword Tool Dominator Disadvantages

It is hard to find fault with an e-commerce keyword research tool that is this comprehensive. It can handle long-tail keywords as efficiently as it handles shorter queries, and it does so fast. We would like an app – we like to have an app version of everything as we are always on the move – but that may come. We might also like a few extra graphical representations of the keyword data, but that is a very small gripe.

Keyword Tool Dominator Pricing and Sign Up

Some might say the price of the tool is a disadvantage. You can execute two searches free every day, but most of you will need more than that, at which point an upgrade to a paid plan is called for.

The catch, if you want to call it one, is that although this is not a subscription plan, it’s a single payment offering, you will have to pay for each tool individually. At the full price that works out at between $38 and $44 per search tool, but you can often find sales/coupons that will halve that price. And for a keyword tool that, when used properly and completely will almost certainly increase both your listings’ visibility in search and your sales it is a small price to pay.

To execute the two free searches a day you do not need to create an account, but by doing so – it’s a simple email/password process – you will be able to save your searches and run them on a regular basis for items you sell on an ongoing basis.

If you opt for a paid plan a little more information is called for – including payment information – but the process is easy enough and the potential benefits to be gained for your e-commerce SEO – whether that’s eBay SEO, Etsy SEO, Amazon SEO or Walmart SEO, is likely to be well worth your time to try out Keyword Tool Dominator here.


What is the keyword tool Dominator?

The Keyword Tool Dominator unlocks the searching power from databases of Google, Youtube, amazon,etc.

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