Linked Helper 2 Review – Safest and Powerful LinkedIn Automation Tool

Linked Helper 2 Review – Safest and Powerful LinkedIn Automation Tool

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LinkedHelper is absolutely incredible.

It’s the 1 automation tool for LinkedIn.

I actually started using it a few months back and have since then connected with hundreds of people, starting numerous conversations, and gotten incredible reviews and endorsements. This LinkedIn tool really helps boost your LinkedIn profile and increase how many LinkedIn connections you have.

Let me show you how I did it through my Linkedin Helper 2 review.


It’s a Chrome extension and you can get it here. It’s really easy to use. Once you install it, it displays a small menu on the bottom right corner of the screen that you can use to perform basic tasks on LinkedIn.

It’s not a LinkedIn bot, Linkedin Helper 2 simply performs automated tasks for you making it look like a regular user is viewing and clicking on the site.

So here you can check out any LinkedIn user, invite more people, check your LinkedIn contacts, send an automated connection request, and boost likes for your own LinkedIn post.


  1. There a few super useful features that anyone can use.
    1. Get endorsements – the Linkedin Helper tool goes out and automatically endorses a group of people that you specify. Then those people get a little notification that so and so endorsed them and chances are they are likely to click on your site and endorse you back.
    2. Get recommendations – same idea as the endorsement except here the tool automatically sends out a bunch of requests to get recommended. Just sit back and watch the magic happen.
    3. Connect with 200+ people a day – LinkedHelper actually recommends that you only connect to 100 a day but what the hell, we’re living on the edge these days. A couple of clicks on the tool get you a comprehensive list of people you like to connect to and another click gets the tool to automatically connect with them. You can even send them a personalized message – brilliant! Recently added connections would be more likely to be active and you can have a better target audience.

    This tool is great for mundane tasks and LinkedIn activity because you don’t always have time to check through the profiles of 200+ people per day. The multiple tools on Linkedin Helper 2 will help increase engagement and build your lead generation efforts.


This thing is super cheap. $15/month. It’s the biggest no-brainer of the century. You can boost your LinkedIn account with this simple browser extension very quickly and if you’re smart to utilise it as a lead generation tool for your LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

Get this LinkedIn automation software while the prices are hot.

***Disclaimer – we were not paid to promote the tool, we just fricken LOVE it so much we had to tell you about it. Go get it and start using it right now.

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