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If you’re serious about link building, then you need a way to track your progress. Linkody is the easiest way to do this. Just enter your website’s URL, and they will show you all the links that are pointing to it. Plus, they will keep track of any new or lost links so you can always see how your link-building efforts are paying off.

What Is Linkody, And What Does It Do?

Linkody is an AI-powered content marketing platform that helps businesses create, manage, and measure online content. Businesses can use Linkody to automate the processes of creating and publishing content, as well as tracking its impact on their audience. Linkody provides a tool suite that includes a blog editor, SEO tool, and social media manager. Furthermore, Linkody provides several reporting options that enable businesses to track their progress over time. Overall, Linkody enables businesses to efficiently create and distribute high-quality content across all channels.

It offers a suite of tools that make it easy for businesses to manage their content marketing efforts, from creating and publishing content to tracking performance and analysing data. Linkody also offers a variety of features that help businesses optimise their content strategies, such as customisable templates and automated reporting.

Source: google.com

Features of Linkody

Multi-User Support

Linkody makes it simple for multiple users with the same account to share and collaborate on projects.

They can access project files, comments, and updates, making work more accessible and organized. The platform also provides automatic file sharing between collaborators, allowing everyone to work on the same document simultaneously.

Disavow tool

Linkody is a simple tool for identifying and disavowing toxic backlinks. The tool displays detailed information about backlinks, such as their source, rank, and traffic rank. This information can assist you in taking the necessary steps to remove the links from your website and improve your SEO ranking.

With just one click, users can find the link on the source page thanks to Linkody, a visual link locator. Users can quickly and easily navigate to the link’s source thanks to the simple access it gives to the hyperlink information. Linkody is a useful tool for anyone looking for web links because it works with various web browsers and gadgets.

Google index status

With the aid of the tool Linkody, users can check to see if Google has indexed their links, which can reveal whether or not potential customers are coming to your website. Checking link popularity, backlink authority, and other indexing metrics is also possible with Linkody.

Landing pages

Businesses can prevent losing any link juice by using Linkody, a landing page monitoring service. The service checks every website link for 404 errors so the company won’t lose any potential customers. Along with other helpful statistics, Linkody also provides reports on the number of visitors who clicked on each link.

Moz metrics

Users of the tool Linkody can evaluate any website’s Moz Rank, Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Spam Score. Additionally, it provides charts and statistics that allow users to see how their website performs in comparison to other websites.

E-mail notifications

Linkody is a daily email service that provides subscribers with in-depth link reports. The reports include comprehensive details on the links in the email, including title, URL, and description. The reports are helpful for content producers, SEO experts, and online marketers.

More data sources

Businesses can connect with Google Analytics and Ahrefs using the tool Linkody. Businesses can monitor the performance and traffic to their websites in real-time using Linkody. Insights into clients’ and rivals’ marketing initiatives are just one of the additional advantages that Linkody provides. Linkody is an invaluable tool for companies of all sizes due to its benefits and features.

PDF whitelabel reports

Customers can send their logos to their clients in an easily usable format using the Linkody platform. Customers can easily create and send email newsletters and other marketing materials with Linkody without spending hours individually designing each email. Customers can pick from a variety of templates and design options, which makes it simple to get started right away. Businesses that want to enhance their marketing initiatives and quickly reach out to new clients should use Linkody.

To understand your link profile and anchor keywords, consult Linkody. This tool aids in locating potential traffic sources for your website and assists in tailoring your link-building strategy accordingly.

CSV export

Linkody is a powerful data download tool that allows you to download unlimited rows of data with a single click. This makes it the perfect tool for data analysis and research.

A monitoring service called Linkody assists companies in keeping tabs on the links on their website. Linkody will be promptly informed if any of the website’s links change so they can take the appropriate action. This can aid in avoiding possible traffic and ranking losses.

The benefits of using Linkody:

Increase in traffic to the website

Linkody is a new online marketing tool that helps businesses increase traffic and its unique algorithm that analyses your website and identifies the best traffic sources. Linkody then creates strong links to these sources, increasing your website’s exposure and traffic.

Better SEO rankings

Linkody is a simple and easy-to-use tool that can improve your SEO rankings. Linkody makes creating hyperlinks easy, letting you quickly and easily include links in your website content, e-maile-mail signatures, and more. Plus, linkody’s automated link-building features help you rapidly increase the number of links your site has from high-quality sources, boosting your website’s ranking potential. So if you want better search engine results for your website, give linked In a try – you won’t regret it!

More conversions/sales

Linkody is a powerful way to increase conversions and sales. It helps connect your website to social media, search engines, and other websites to increase traffic. Linkody also automates sharing links on social media so that you can focus on more important things.

How Linkody works:

Step 1: add your website’s URL to Linkody.

Step 2: view your link profile and analyse the results.

Step 3: make the necessary changes to improve your link profile.

SEO Tools

The Linkody Backlink Tracker is the most straightforward way to track your link-building campaigns. The app tracks link for your reports on your progress and assist you in improving your strategy. The Linkody Backlink Tracker makes it simple to see where you are succeeding and where you should concentrate your efforts.

Source: google.com

Linkody Backlink Checker is a free tool that allows users to instantly see up to 100 referring domains. This helps users identify potential link opportunities and assess the quality of those links. It also offers a report that lists all the referring domains, their rank, and the amount of traffic they generate.

Simply enter a URL, and the Backlink Checker will analyse it for signs of link-building activity, including backlinking from other websites, backlinking from within your website, and MozRank.

Source: google.com

Linkody Backlink Audit is a completely automated tool that helps you get a complete backlink profile for any domain. It includes a backlink analysis tool, backlink lookup, and backlink tracking features. This helps you identify links pointing to your site and track the changes over time. It also provides detailed backlink information for all the links in the report, so you can see which ones are earning you the most traffic.

Source: google.com

Google Index Checker

Linkody’s Google Index Checker is an effective tool for checking the index status of pages in bulk. It offers an easy-to-use interface and provides users with instant results. The tool helps businesses optimise their website for better search engine ranking and web traffic.

Source: google.com

Website Authority Checker

Linkody’s Website Authority Checker is a free SEO tool that helps determine your domain’s authority. The tool can help determine if your website is well-optimised for search engines by analysing your website’s title tags, metadata, and links. The tool also provides tips on how to improve your website’s authority.

Source: google.com

Plans and Pricing

Source: https://www.linkody.com/en/plans

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User reviews

According to Helvis S., “Linkody offers great value for money and everything for monitoring link-building campaigns.”

What he likes best about Linkody is that it monitors everyone’s backlinks and checks which content gets the most links. This can bring your link-building efforts to a whole new level.

What he dislikes about Linkody is that occasionally it reports fewer backlinks than other tools, but most of the time, those are low-quality links that wouldn’t change anything anyway.



According to Kevin B., “Amazingly Simple Link Building Tool”

What he likes best about Linkody is that it helps his team organise all of their link-building campaigns. The website is fast and often updated with new features – great value for the cost!


What he disliked about Linkody is that the UI is a bit dated & could be a little more intuitive. The charts are kind of underwhelming too. That is the extent of his dislikes – He’s happy with everything else.


The Pearl Lemon Say:

Linkody SEO Tool is excellent for anyone who wants to optimise their website for search engines. It’s easy to use and has many features that make it a powerful tool for your SEO efforts. We highly recommend it!

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