Nifty Project Management Review

Nifty Project Management Review: Pricing, Features & More


Nifty Project Management Review


What is Nifty?

Nifty is a project management tool that enables you to work on large-scale projects with multiple team members.

This tool is designed to help agencies organise their tasks, track their time, and manage their teams all in one place.

Instead of switching from one tool to another, you can manage everything with your Nifty account. Managers can keep track of what team members are working on which helps with decision making.

Nifty also enables users to track the time they take to do specific tasks and projects. This data is collected and summarized in reports so that managers can analyze people’s time logs according to projects and separate team members.

Now that most agencies incorporate remote work in their business models, a tool like Nifty can help people stay organized and on track.

This review will analyze the main Nifty features to see whether it is a valuable asset in managing teams in this new remote work environment.

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Analysis of Nifty Features

Your Nifty account enables you to manage multiple projects at a time. This means that your agency can work on lead generation projects, digital marketing, or even SEO optimization projects and manage everything in one place.

Your Nifty dashboard makes it easy for you to create new projects and switch between them.

Analysis of Nifty Features

On your Nifty profile, you can set up different workspaces for your different accounts. For example, Pearl Lemon has websites like Pearl Lemon Leads, Serpwizz, and Plant Sumo.

All of those can be managed in separate workspaces with different team members.

You can simply click on the workspace that you want to work on, and all the work you do for that specific website will be available in the same place.

This way, there are no overlaps or confusing organisational systems. This is also an incredible feature for agencies that work with many different clients or that run several different projects at a time.

When you click on a workspace, this is what the dashboard looks like:


Each workspace is divided into separate sections about:

  1. Time tracking
  2. Discussions
  3. Files
  4. Documents
  5. Tasks
  6. Team milestones

When you click on a workspace, you’ll be able to see the progress very quickly because these sections provide important productivity details.

Every workspace has separate project profiles that are shown on the left-hand column of the dashboard.

It looks something like this:


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This is the Pearl Lemon Leads workspace, and this lead generation agency manages many different projects.

Nifty makes it possible to track all those projects within this workspace with great ease and efficiency.

Team members can be added to each respective workspace or project as necessary.

All the completed tasks are saved as milestones that are tracked and monitored on a weekly basis.

When you click on the Milestones tab, you can see the work progress. It looks something like this:

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When you set tasks for the team, you can assign separate tasks to specific team members to complete.

The tasks are organized on the dashboard in the following categories:

  1. To do
  2. Done
  3. Ongoing
  4. Information
  5. Completed

Your task dashboard looks something like this:

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Team members working on the same project can communicate with each other in the same platform. There is a discussion tab that enables them to send each other messages.

This means that you don’t have to use several other apps to communicate with team members about a project. All the communication can be done on Nifty.

Your Nifty discussions look something like this:

Cold Calling and Email

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On top of this, team members working on the same projects can also send and receive relevant documents and files all in the same workspace.

Literally, everything you need for project management is covered.

You can also have a quick overview of all ongoing projects on your Nifty account. It looks something like this:


You also have other tabs that show you:

  1. Workloads
  2. Calendar
  3. All tasks
  4. My tasks

When you look at the overview, you can track all the project portfolios in one place.


You just have to click on a project to get more detailed analytics about work performance and work progress.

You can also manage the team workloads by using the workload dashboard to analyze which team members are the most productive.


Here, you can easily see each team member individually along with the number of tasks they’ve been assigned.

For managers, this is an excellent way to keep tabs on all team members to ensure that the workload is realistic and that they are producing enough work.

In the remote work environment, this is even more useful. 


The calendar dashboard shows you due dates, milestone dates and general progress in the form of a calendar.

This is a good way to have a visualization of upcoming due dates and how the projects are progressing on a weekly basis.

Nifty really leaves no stone unturned. If you’re struggling with project management in the age of remote work, then Nifty may be your solution!

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Nifty: Pricing and Payment Plans

Nifty offers three main payment plans, here’s an overview of those options.

For $49/month, the Starter Payment Plan offers:

  1. Up to 10 team members
  2. 40 active projects
  3. Unlimited guests and clients
  4. 100 GB storage space
  5. Access to all core features (including portfolios, team chat, milestones, and discussions)
  6. Time tracking and reporting
  7. Custom fields
  8. Budget tracking
  9. Google single sign-on
  10. Self-serve help center

For $99/month, the Pro Payment Plan offers:

  1. Up to 20 team members
  2. Unlimited active projects
  3. Unlimited guests and clients
  4. 500 GB storage space
  5. Access to all core features (including portfolios, team chat, milestones, and discussions)
  6. Cross-project overviews
  7. Time tracking and reporting
  8. Custom fields
  9. Google single sign-on
  10. self -serve help center

For $149/month, the Business Payment Plan offers:

  1. Up to 50 team members
  2. Unlimited active projects
  3. Unlimited guests and clients
  4. 1 TB storage space
  5. Access to all core features (including portfolios, team chat, milestones, and discussions)
  6. Access to all advanced features (including team workloads, budget tracking, cross-project overviews)
  7. Open API
  8. Google Single sign-on
  9. Self-serve help center
  10. Priority customer support

If you’re an enterprise with greater data needs, you’ll have to contact the Nifty team to learn more about the pricing.

To find out more information about Nifty pricing and payment plans, please visit this page. 

Nifty: Pros and Cons

Here are the Pros of using Nifty:

  1. Multiple team members can collaborate on projects
  2. Unlimited guests and clients
  3. Everything you need for project management is covered in your Nifty account
  4. Works well for remote team management

Here are the Cons of using Nifty:

  1. You may become too dependent on it!

Final Verdict

There has never been a time where remote work has been as popular as it is now.

This comes with many managerial problems, and Nifty is the solution.

The final verdict is: Nifty scores 100%.

If you need to manage a remote team’s multiple projects, then look no further!

You can sign up for your Nifty account here

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