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Postaga Review: Features, Pros & Cons and More



What is Postaga?

Postaga uses AI intelligence to automate the link-building process.

SEO professionals can attest to the fact that link building is a tedious and complicated process.

Link building outreach is not easy because it requires a lot of pitching, emailing, and research.

Postaga is a tool that aims to automate this link-building outreach.

This tool enables users to find the right opportunities to promote their content. This way, users can spend less time hunting down link-building opportunities.

With Postaga, users can find the right contacts, set up outreach campaigns, and monitor their progress all in one platform.

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An Analysis of Postaga Features

When you sign up for an account, you have to answer a set of questions for the AI software to analyze your needs better.

Ready To Promote

On this page, you can specify who they are, what you do, and what you are trying to achieve by using this tool.

Ready To Promote

You can also choose a level to determine how much experience you have in doing link-building outreach.

The last thing you have to do before completing your registration is to give details about your company and location.

Once all this is done, you’re led to a dashboard that looks like this:


You can already tell that there are a lot of neat features to choose from on the left-hand column.

Here’s what you get:

  1. Campaigns
  2. Posts
  3. Emails
  4. Contacts
  5. CRM

We’ll analyze each of these major features individually to see how well they work in the link-building process.

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Using this feature, I’ll try to promote Pearl Lemon PR services. As you can see, there are different kinds of campaigns you can choose from.

Depending on your specific campaign goals, you can choose which approach to take. 

Here’s something else you have to decide:

Campaign Type

These are the three major campaign types. 

  1. Tools: enables users to communicate with other sites that have tool pages to feature their own tool
  2. Reviews: enables users to communicate with websites that review their competitors or related services to ask for a review about them
  3. VS: enables users to communicate with sites that specialize in competitor analysis to give them a comparison of their products/services

This part is quite impressive because it makes you think carefully about how you want to approach this campaign.

This data is used to generate the right contacts and campaign types to achieve your specific goals.

Analyze URL

The final information you need to give is your product URL and contact targeting.

This kind of detailed information enables the AI software to have a clear analysis of what you have to offer, who your target audience is, and what your potential goals are.

Post URL

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It takes just a few seconds for the tool to analyze your target URL and compile the data to create a campaign.

It’s not as automated as I’d initially thought because you still have to manually input a lot of information.

Post Title

In addition to this, you have to write the custom margin fields. This helps the AI software get customizable bits of data to describe your post.

Custom Post Merge

These are not required fields so you can add more information as you see fit.

Review Opportunities

Since I chose the “review” option, the next section is about gaining review opportunities.

Competitor Name

You have the option to have an advanced search for competitor reviews and find those results.

Little Slow

This process takes a lot longer than the advanced search we did earlier on. Try to be as specific as possible when you are doing this competitor research.

Default Location

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Pro tip: use “default location” because it will save you time. In the advanced search section, just type in a city for more specific search results.


Once all the searches are complete, the third step gives you an option to find the contacts you need from the specific URLs you chose.

Basic View

So you basically have access to the social links and the contacts of the site you want to reach out to for reviews. This is pretty neat because it could have taken much longer to get this information manually.


Email Sequence

This is a pretty cool part because you get to choose what type of email sequence you want.


These are the email sequences users can choose from:

  1. Reviews
  2. Mention: Swap Guest Posts
  3. Mention: Share Request
  4. Mention: Share and Backlink
  5. Mention: Collaboration Request
  6. Mention: Guest Post
  7. Expert
  8. Roundup
  9. Podcast

These are just a few of the options available. It’s really nice that users can have such detailed options to create the exact campaign that is perfect for them. 

If you’ve ever had to write an outreach campaign, then you know how you have to change your approach depending on the kind of collaboration you are aiming for.

Getting the chance to simply click on one of these options is a huge weight lifted for those who want to make the outreach process quicker. 


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Since my outreach campaign aims to get sites to review my services, I clicked on the “review” option.

The system created a two-step sequence for me. Once the first email is sent, there is a three-day delay before the follow-up message is sent.

Email Preview

The next step enables you to analyze the email template generated by the AI software.

The email copy is based on the data that was indicated from the beginning.

Here’s what my email template looks like:


It’s flawed, I’ll tell you that…But, it still got the job done. 

You can simply edit the details to suit your writing style and specific business needs.

The good thing is that the hard part is over, and now you just have to edit instead of writing email copy from scratch.

Rules and Scheduling

Once you’ve seen your email template and made the necessary editorial changes, you can schedule the campaign according to what you want.

Launch Now

You could either launch it immediately or schedule a specific launch date.

If you choose to launch now, you go to the launch section.

The Postaga Campaign Feature is a 7-8 step process that lets users do the following:

  1. Choose your specific campaign goals
  2. Choose competitors and target websites
  3. Get the right contacts for your campaign
  4. Develop email copy for the campaign
  5. Schedule the email marketing campaign

Postage Campaign

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When you create and launch email marketing campaigns, you can monitor and track campaign performance with great ease.

You can also do the same with featured posts, contacts, and anything else that you launch using Postaga.

Postaga Pricing & Payment Plans


There are only two payment plans to choose from. The least expensive one is still quite expensive, so it’s best to start with a free trial to be sure of this tool before committing.

For $99/month, the Pro Payment Plan offers:

  1. 2,000 contacts
  2. 10,000 emails
  3. 1,000 opportunity searches
  4. 300 daily emails per user
  5. 5 users
  6. 1 account
  7. Unlimited campaigns
  8. Access to all campaign types
  9. A lot more!

For $299/month, the Agency Payment Plan offers:

  1. 15,000 contacts
  2. 100,000 emails
  3. 15,000 opportunity searches
  4. 300 daily emails per user
  5. Unlimited users
  6. 30 accounts
  7. Unlimited campaigns

You can learn more about the payment plans and sign up for a free trial here

Pros & Cons of Using Postaga

These are the Pros:

  1. The AI software works really well
  2. Users can create campaigns from scratch and monitor progress
  3. The payment plans enable users to have unlimited access
  4. The process of making email copy is much faster
  5. Finding contacts and organizing them is much more efficient
  6. The free trial offer is pretty generous

These are the Cons:

  1. The payment plans are quite expensive
  2. The email templates are not truly reliable, they require extensive editing

Final Verdict

Postaga could really help people find a quicker and more efficient way to reach out to sites for link building opportunities

The final verdict is: Postaga scores 85%

It’s not the best for creating email copy, so try another alternative like Snazzy AI to do that.

Postaga is great for building a sales funnel, getting contacts, and launching outreach campaigns.

If you’re interested in using this tool, you can sign up for Postaga here.

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