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PromptSmart is the only “smart” teleprompter app. PromptSmart is the market-leading public speaking and video production tool. The application can help speakers to appear more comfortable and act more naturally in reading their script without the viewer knowing the video is scripted. 

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What is Promptsmart

Prompsmart is a teleprompter app that offers patented voice track technology; it provides a robust solution to follow the speaker’s voice in real-time automatically. The voice track automatically scrolls as you speak and stops when you pause or add or modify the script written from the original and then flawlessly resumes when the speaker returns to the script. 

Promptsmart app can be integrated into other web-based support tools where the users can manage their content using “My PromptSmart customer portal”. The users can edit in real-time, clone duplicate displays, and view and adjust the prompter text from a web-based control room on an end-to-end encrypted basis.

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How does Promptsmart work 

Promptsmart is a universal cross-platform app suitable for video production solutions, and the users can manage their content. The users can import their script, but from mobile devices only then; it allows you to edit and prepare your script from reading and then finally synching devices to get access through all of them.

Promptsmart can be used in many ways; you can choose to let the app scroll the teleprompter as you speak with voice track. Here, no internet connection is required to stay connected with the teleprompter since the audio is all processed locally on the user’s device, which is very beneficial since the voice track can be used while recording without hassle and distraction from other issues on the internet.

Prompsmart can also let you set a pre-set speed and then run the teleprompter on that specific speed that the users chose with a range of seventy words per hour to 400 words per hour. In this way, the teleprompter can guide the speaker to maintain its original plan speed, especially if there is a time constraint that the speaker needs to follow on his video or his presentation.

Users can also view and control presentation sessions through the customer portal. This means that a user or speaker can have someone using another device to control the presentation following their plan.

Promptsmart can also be used to clone your presentation screen; it enables the user to create unlimited duplicate displays. 

The users can customise their style setting, where they can modify the look of their script that is going to appear on the teleprompter. The user can adjust it according to their preferred font size, style, and color profile. 

The users can also add highlights, colors or typeface actions to individual words to add effect. This is an easy way to emphasise important words or phrases to have a more readable script and set the highlights as a reminder to put stress on the essential words that your listeners need to know.

Promptsmart gives you the option to choose from 10 fonts and enlarge it up to 180 points. Promptsmart is built for readability and accessibility.

Prompsmart helps you focus your gaze by having your scripts in front or in the same device you are using to record. You can have virtual eye contact with your viewers by reading off your script in the prompter glass. Eye contact with the viewers is essential as it can create a connection with your audience and that they can feel that you are directly speaking to them; they can feel your authority and makes them believe you easily.  

The application also gives you the option to adjust the side margins of the teleprompter to reduce eye tracking or the obvious moving of your eyes to read the words of the script from one side to the other side. It can also invert text to keep the reflections off the teleprompter glass.

Promptsmart is cloud-enabled; users can edit scripts from their computer using the word processor, and then the user can shoot their video on their mobile device or in a studio.

Promptsmart has many advantages; the speaker can look straight into the camera through the Mobile App Selfie Mode, where they can put the text right by the front-facing camera. The users can record in a 4k resolution in both ios and android apps, which is a very high-quality resolution that is provided on an application. 

The users can move naturally and can use their selfie stick button to start at pause the video taking. By moving naturally, the speaker can demonstrate confidence, knowledge, and expertise on about the topic he is speaking. 

The user can record up to 10 or more videos in succession using Story Block and Selfie Mode. Each block will record and save before moving to the next block.

The videographer will always have control over what she wants to do with the video; with the multiple remote options, the user can handle multiple sessions and mix and match his available devices using the application’s browser remote control.

How much is the cost of using Promptsmart 

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Promptsmart packages have three categories, Starter Pack, which costs $99.99; Team, which costs $199.99 and Enterprise, which does not have a specific price set. 

The Starter Pack features include a PC studio, edition only if purchased on Stipe. Other features include access to full mobile plus applications; extended access to old mobile applications; one remote control session per account; remote displays with no limit; web scripts editing; web trash; and web profiles editing. 

The Team has PC studio edition, nester folders up to 10, along with all the features included in the starter package.

The Enterprise package has all the features of the Team package plus managed application support on ios and enterprise document sharing with multiple users.

User’s Reviews

Brock Sound, a user of the Prompsmart Pro App on his iPad, verified that the application made his prompting task easier and that the voice-activated audio scrolling of text feature is ideal for him. He testified that when he stops speaking, it also stops and waits for him to begin again with no lag. 

He also acknowledges that the edit function is effortless to use and straightforward to read. He can invert the text and use the half mirrored glass that he shoots through his cinema camera. He applauded that the video looked great, and the viewers could not tell that he used a teleprompter for his scripts. 

Steven_R12, another user of the application, says that Promptsmart is a very stable teleprompter and is the most accurate and multi-functional teleprompter that he has used. He stated that it has a lot of customisation features and remains stable at any length. He recommends its use, especially by public speakers and video bloggers.  

Becabitts also agreed that Promptsmart is a great teleprompter app; she testified that it improved the professionalism of her videos, eliminating the unnecessary noises she makes and unplanned pauses. 

Our Final Thoughts

Promptsmart might just be the right app, especially for those whose work revolves around uploading videos or presentations. Having a teleprompter right in front of the speaker can improve his confidence in speaking and can make him articulate his words more, thus, improving the delivery of his message to his users. 

Furthermore, the application is also beneficial to managing the time length of the video by having a pre-set speed and refraining the speaker from adding unnecessary words or phrases that might not help in maximizing his allotted time. 


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