Qwoted Review- Report’s Power to the Storytellers

Qwoted Review: Report’s Power to the Storytellers


If you’re a PR or communications professional, then you know that looking for good PR software can be difficult.

It’s especially complicated if your PR team has a limited budget but has a pressing need to connect to journalists and publications.

Out of the many options available, have you considered using Qwoted? You may have heard about it in passing, but in this article, you’ll get a comprehensive review of this PR software.

This free software is available for PR professionals looking for journalists to pitch and for journalists looking for credible sources for their publications.

If you’re in either of these categories, you might find this quite useful. Qwoted has a lot to offer, but is it an effective way to handle your PR campaigns?

Is it an ideal platform for journalists and communication professionals?

Let’s analyze its features, its strengths and weaknesses to answer these burning questions.

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Review of Qwoted Features

First of all, signing up to Qwoted is completely free. The only catch is that not just anyone can set up an account and call themselves a source or a PR professional.

Each account has to be individually approved before officially joining this platform. This is meant for quality control.

Qwoted assures reporters that the sources on this platform are credible and legit.


It takes about 24 hours to get a response from them granting your approval to join the platform. This process can give you confidence that the team at Qwoted prioritizes the quality of users, not just quantity.

After you are approved to this platform, you get access to a comprehensive media database of thousands of reporters in your field. Unlike other types of PR software, Qwoted gives you media requests in real-time on a daily basis.

The way the media database is set up allows you to see very specific details about each query or media request.

This is what you’ll find:

  1. Date and time of the media request
  2. Submission deadline
  3. Status of the media request (if it needs more pitches or not)
  4. Alerts about upcoming deadlines

With all this information, you can “favorite” each media request that you intend to pitch that day. You can draw all these conclusions by simply looking at the media request; you don’t even have to click on it.

This is what the media requests look like:

Source Requests

Notice how the information is colour-coded. If a media request needs more pitches, it’s indicated in green. If the deadline is close, it’s indicated in blue. And if the media request is new, it’s indicated in pink.

This is not only visually appealing, but it makes it easy to decide which media requests to pitch at a glance. This can make the pitching process much faster.

If you decide on the specific media request you want to pitch, you can click on it to learn more about the specific reporter.

Qwoted also has a “Pitch Intelligence” feature that gives you clearer data about each media request.

The Pitch Intelligence feature gives you insight into who has already received pitches and information about whether the reporter has engaged with someone else already.

This feature can be very insightful for you if you are trying to gauge your chances of getting your pitches approved.

However, these features are not available for free. These features are reserved for those who pay for the paid plans.

If you are interested in having more detailed information about your pitches and about the reporters you reach out to, then the paid options may be a good fit for you.

If you don’t need all those details, then you can still do just fine with the free offer. You miss out on a lot of detailed analyses.

But hey, you get what you paid for!

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Features for Small Businesses


If you want to maximize your small business marketing strategy, Qwoted offers services specifically for you!.

Small business owners and their PR teams can build relationships with national and local media to get their businesses advertised to potential customers.

This is crucial for businesses that are trying to build brand awareness and develop a strong brand reputation at a local and national level.

You get the opportunity to reach out to publications in your industry and present yourself as an expert so that you get more coverage of your business.

If you’re looking for media placements to improve the marketing of your business, try Qwoted!

Features for Reporters

Reporters can get overwhelmed with a high number of emails on a daily basis. Especially when those emails are PR-related.

Qwoted gives you the option to receive pitches from credible sources and the ability to communicate with them all in the same place.

Signing up is completely free for reporters, but your account will still have to be individually approved before you can use Qwoted.

Oh, and another cool thing is that you don’t have to give your email address to hundreds of PR professionals and sources. They can find you and contact you directly through this platform.

This reduces the clutter in your inbox, but it also diversifies your sources all in one place.

Here’s what your Qwoted inbox will look like:


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When you’re satisfied with the pitches you receive, you can click “stop accepting pitches” and move on to the next stage of your writing process.

How convenient!

This procedure is done to ensure that all the users of Qwoted are credible and real. Reporters from top publications trust this platform for a reason!

Instead of doing the time-consuming task of looking for sources for quotes, you can do it all through the Qwoted network. This platform has a large network of vetted, credible sources that you can trust.

This is what the source database looks like:


You can also learn more about the sources by viewing their profile information instead of researching on your own. Qwoted’s database allows you to filter sources by gender, geography and more.

Pricing & Payment Plans

For PR teams that are interested in the paid features, Qwoted offers three payment options depending on your needs.


This plan is designed for large PR teams that have multiple sources in their enterprise to manage.

This is an expensive package that offers over 10 unique features.

For $1,250/month, you get: 

  1. Unlimited pitching for all sources and users
  2. A daily roundup of pitch source requests
  3. Detailed profile information about reporters
  4. Pitch intelligence
  5. Access to the media database
  6. Weekly media activity report
  7. Team functionality for multiple users
  8. Premium support
  9. And a whole lot more!

It seems like a good investment for PR teams that often manage multiple sources and clients. But this wouldn’t be the smart choice for an individual source or PR professional.


If you’re not part of a large PR team, you should consider signing up for the Pro payment option. It is much less comprehensive than the Enterprise plan.

For $149.99/month, you get: 

  1. 20 pitches per month
  2. Pitch Intelligence
  3. Access to the media database
  4. A daily roundup of pitch source requests
  5. Reporter search
  6. No time delays to pitch source requests
  7. And a lot more features!

Choosing this payment plan will make your PR process a lot easier with all its unique features. You don’t get as much as you do with the other plans, but it’s ideal for individuals.

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Remember when I said this platform is completely free? Yeah, it’s called the basic payment plan.

For $0, you get: 

  1. 3 pitches per month
  2. 1-hour delay to pitch new source requests
  3. Daily roundup email for new source requests
  4. No reporter search

Not very appealing, is it?

But if you’re just starting out and you want to see if this software is worth investing in, then starting with the basic plan may work well for you.

Pros of Qwoted

  • This is a good software for reporters to use because they get to organize and diversify their sources all in one place.
  • It’s really useful for large PR teams as well because the team functionality (on the paid plan) allows multiple people to manage users.
  • You get some good insight into the media requests, which can help you make informed decisions about who to pitch.

Cons of Qwoted

  • Full disclosure, there are way better options for PR software available.
  • Qwoted is not unique, and it doesn’t have the most comprehensive media database ever.
  • The free account you set up will only allow you to send three pitches per month. That doesn’t do much if you work in PR!

But that changes if you commit to one of the paid plans. That’s up to you!

Final Verdict

Qwoted has its pros and cons. It would be best to use this software with the paid options because you’ll get more value from that than with the basic plan.

It’s luckily free for reporters, so go ahead and enjoy the access that Qwoted provides.

But if you’re a source or PR professional, take some time to review your other options before committing to Qwoted. Especially if you are looking for software that gives you reports and detailed analyses of your PR campaigns.

If you aren’t looking for all that and you just need a simple database that gives you some insights, then Qwoted may be a good fit.

The final verdict is: Qwoted scores 75%

Vuelio and Pitchengine are great alternatives if Qwoted isn’t suitable for you.

If you like this tool, you can sign up for it here.

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