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If you’re looking for new ways how to grow your business, then you might as well check out this screaming frog agency which offers the best SEO tools that are bound to make your business grow in no time!

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It is now more than ever that a lot of tools have been existing online since the technology has been rapidly advancing and more businesses are maximizing the internet.

With that said, the internet and technology are two components that build up your business online. 

But again, is that ever enough?

My answer is no. Because you can post as many as you can on social media, write as many blogs as you wish, hire famous people who can market your business, and still not get the improvement that you want.

The fastest and most effective way to get to your goal of growing your business all lies in SEO, and if you are the business owner who heard of this just now, then worry not because Screaming Frog does the job for you anyway.

So what is the Screaming Frog and in what ways can this help grow your business?

All About Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a digital marketing agency in the UK that offers various tools that specifically aid in targeting online business growth through SEO and insights. 

The agency has two areas of specialization: SEO perspective and online PR. 

Since competition is already high and the markets are saturated online, ranking and being among your competitors could be a struggle because it is time and resource-consuming when coming up with content that will capture your audience.

But using the Screaming Frog’s tools, results will immediately lead you to insights that you can use to formulate the kind of content you will create which are in demand in your market. 

What it Offers

So to make all of that happen, here’s what the agency has to offer to help you make actual changes in your business’s activity.

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This has 2 focuses: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC).

If you’re new to this concept, then the best way to understand the way it works is by thinking that no matter how great your business offerings are, if no one knows about it, then it’s useless.

And that’s why the goal is Search Engine Marketing is to give your business, particularly your website, the exposure it needs through the help of activities that will attract your market. 

How does this happen? 

In order for your website to appear on search engines’ result pages, the appropriate and in-demand keywords should be used in your content that will lead your audience to your website and the agency’s team of consultants can assist you in doing this.

Here’s how they can help you in SEO and PPC:


  • Link Building-It’s an unconventional way of targeting your market; the agency’s approach is to allow your audience to speak about their brand and the reason they choose them, and in turn, attract them through this and eventually build your link.


  • Content Marketing – Basically marketing your product and services by writing effective content that promotes and actually ranks in search engines. 


  • Social Media Marketing – This helps you connect to your audience via the Social Media Platform; from managing your account to handling your branding and messaging and providing good customer service.


  • Analytics Consultancy– This tool is more centered on giving insights into your users’ activities which measure the performance on every platform. Data gathered from this will be useful in understanding better the behavior of your customers as well as their needs.


  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)-This targets the improvement of your website, particularly on the Return on Investment based on analytics data and feedback from users.



This specific service of the agency makes your branding effective and visible to your customers. It enhances your business’s marketing strategies by combining the use of both traditional and new PR practices such as content marketing and social9 campaigning.


Since the aim of the agency is to drive more customers to your business, Screaming Frog allows you to showcase the value that your business has through Digital Copywriting. 

Through this medium, the agency guides you in making a concise copy that will get attention from your market as they find answers in search engines that will eventually lead to your business’s website. 

As such, your copy should be consistent with your branding, have target keywords, acquire a creative tone that goes along with your campaigns, and of course, be relevant to users.

To get a better grasp on this, here are some more of their services under this category: 

SEO Copywriting
SEO Copywriting incorporates keywords and the possible answers to the questions of your audience and makes them available on your website. It aids in making your business content clear so that you may target your readers’ needs when they are in search of answers.


Creative Content

This involves designing the look and tone of your content. This is essential since many individuals are visual learners, they tend to be attracted and absorb more of the information presented to them when it is appealing. 


Product Description

Basically, this enables you to make a product copy that has a complete description for your customers.


Service Pages

As for Service Pages, it works as a landing page in which everything your potential customer needs to know about your products/services are already there and exhibited in a manner that is concise and the actual answer to what they are in search for, therefore making your business significant to them.


Blog Content

Content making is the key to conveying to your market what your business is and how it can benefit them. 

In Blog Contents, Screaming Frog will help you in creating organic traffic as you build content that is strong and stands out in terms of creativity and at the same time is also data-driven so that you tailor your blogs to your market actually likes.


Copywriting Consultancy


Copywriting Consultancy can greatly help your content-making process by improving it with the assistance coming from in-house copywriters of the agency.


These are just some of the agency’s services that you can make use of to boost your business’s performance online. To make it even better, Screaming Frog also takes pride in what they call the SEO Spider.

You may be wondering what’s this all about.

SEO Spider

One of the things that the Screaming Frog takes pride in is the SEO Spider which is a flexible website crawler for any type of site that provides you with real-time insights and analysis. 

So if you’re aiming to get faster actions to rank higher at a faster pace to be able to be ahead of your competitors and reach out first to your market, then this tool is perfect!
To convince you even more about how powerful this tool is, here are the perks of using it:


The SEO Spider is not just any ordinary tool. 

Given that it is flexible, it only means that you can gather data everywhere and provide you with all the necessary data which will help you in your decision-making and strategizing in regard to marketing your business concerned with SEO.

There are many reasons why one should give the tool a try, so below are its perks:

Easily locate broken links and server errors so you can immediately have them fixed.

Audit Redirects

Provides you with a list of URLs to audit in a site migration that may also support redirect chains/loops. 


Meta Data and Page Titles Insights

During the crawl, the spider analyses the characteristics and status of metadata and page titles.

Duplicate Content Finder 

This finds exact copies of URLs with an md5 algorithm and checks duplicated content elements.


Other tools from the agency used for data collection like social media tags, SKUs, etc.

Reviews Robots & Directives

Enables you to view URLs blocked by robot.txt, meta robots, and others similar to this.

XML Sitemaps Builder

Using advanced configuration in URLs, you can easily generate XML Sitemaps.

Produce a more accurate insight by connecting the crawl with other tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, and PageSpeed Insights.

Site Architecture 

Using interactive crawl, you can assess internal linking and URL Structure to create diagrams and graph site evaluations.

Progress Checking

Keep track of SEO issues and opportunities to verify the changes that have occurred.



Now that you’ve seen the many advantages of Screaming Frog’s services, I highly recommend that you go for their free trial to see firsthand what improvements you can attain with the agency’s expertise and tools.
But if you really want to get the best results then I suggest that you opt for their paid plans in order to have access to all of their services and benefits including unlimited crawls!

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