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Seodity is a software tool that provides you with organic traffic data about you and your competitors and can use them in any other tool.  Knowing you are and your competitor’s rank can help you strategize your next move more flawlessly to gain new customers to increase revenue. It is also the simplest way to support your marketing team or any freelancer who provides you with marketing services. 

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What is Seodity

Seodity is a tool that can help you check your existing inbound traffic potential, letting you know your standing against your competitors when it comes to search engine optimization. It inspects keywords that your site has already ranked, and it’ll improve its position by quickly boosting your traffic.

It can also analyze which country has the most impact on your traffic; this information can be used so that you can focus on the most crucial localization of your business. You will get data about keywords count and traffic volume of each country. You can also check which keywords are relevant.



The tool can help you take advantage of your competitor’s strategy by knowing and improving and then implementing the strategy on your business strategy. Seodity advises you to stop wasting time testing the best landing pages but instead check out what works for your competitors, improve it or duplicate it and save yourself from the unnecessary work.

Know Your Competitor

 You can analyze your rivals without limits in two ways; add a new project, and you will get email alerts on your competitor’s website changes like new organic or paid keywords, backlinks, and technical issues. Another is you can check this in any project by editing the URL and keeping an eye on your rivals.


Seodity also lets you know which web pages of your opponent have the most prominent traffic, a piece of information you can use to create a content map for your following pages.


You can also check your competitor’s Google ads campaign through Seodity. The tools inform you about the paid data traffic that your competitors are investing in. Knowing your opponent’s move is very beneficial and can give you many insights into what you are doing wrong and what you should do to be better at your business. 


Seodity gives you organic and paid traffic keywords that will enable you to gain access to the historical and current data; the tool can also notify you of the rank changes and keywords. It automatically checks the Search Engine Result Page of every website. 

What are the Features Offered By Seodity 

Keyword research

Seodity lets you find out the keywords your websites already rank for on Google by simply entering your domain name. It can also help you discover the most cost-effective keyword to get a significant amount of return from the keyboard, and it gives you frequent search keywords that have a low cost per click. Seodity gives you insights about this data for each keyword that you can filter easily. 

Keyword Research

After deciding on the keyword that works for you, you can also check the related keyword to it so you can expand your approach. The n, you can see the average spending on your keyword so you can maximize your SEO strategy. Lastly, it enables you to store your keywords and add them to a rank tracker to track the keyword’s performance at all times. 

Content Explorer

Seodity allows you to inspect the most popular web pages for content so you’ll have an idea of what content is currently performing well on the internet. The users can also sort and filter the results in a minimum amount of time. Just like the keywords, you can also save your web pages to your favorite. 

On-site and Data Explorer

Seodity can analyze more than a hundred factors that affect your website’s rank on in Google Search Engine Result Page and identify all the possible site issues.

Data Explorer

In line with the site issues, Seodity will provide you for every site issue found with clear and concise instructions on how to solve the respective site issues according to guideline-recommended directly by Google. 


It also offers an advanced SEO analysis where you can customize your search result on a more specific basis. Seodity ensures that you can conduct a quick and simple content analysis and get easy access to the most popular phrases on each of your web pages. 

Rank Tracker

Seodity provides its users with accurate Search Engine Results Pages anywhere in the world to see how their company ranks with Google. 

Rank Tracker

Users can also check the ranking of their competitors to analyse the opponent’s weak and strong points to search engine optimisation. 


Along with these, Seodity also empowers the users to track keywords and positions across multiple devices and to get SERP position history to analyse the growth or decline in the position.


Seodity has easy-to-use charts to recognize which backlinks your website has had for the last six months. Backlinks can also be sorted and filtered easily and quickly by status, type, date added, and more. The users can also learn which anchor text is leading to your website and the source domain of your website visitors, and just like the other feature, the users can also save their favorite backlinks. 



Google Lighthouse is an automated tool that is included in the Seodity platform to make it easier for its users to improve their web pages. Due to the comprehensive metrics and diagnostics information, the users will know precisely how to improve their web page performance.

Check Performance

Seodity also helps with improving its user’s Progressive Web App, making them more reliable, engaging, and efficient; locate ways how to make the webpages more accessible and improve their usability so that anyone can use and enjoy them. Finally, SEO helps you get a complete SEO audit to be able to recommend improvements.


Organic Traffic 

Seodity offers all the necessary tools to help you study your website traffic and analyse your competitors. First, the website’s organic traffic history analyses the increase in organic traffic. 

Check Organic Traffic

Other tools are the detailed list of rank keywords; competitor organic traffic analysis; advanced results filtering, in which you can pick the best keyword for your marketing plan; email notification and PDF/ CSV Reports. 


Who and Where Can Seodity be Used 


The users can increase their e-commerce business with Seodity by confirming that their products are being displayed correctly so that visitors can see them easily; discover their product’s rank on google as well as the rank of their competitors. Both information will allow the e-commerce business owner to create a strategic decision about marketing, inventory, and more following the data given. Seodity will also notify its users of changes on both of the information.

SEO Agency

Seodity promises to help an SEO agency grow with its advanced all-in-one tool, which includes everything from keyword research up to rank tracker. The all-in-one tool can save the SEO agency a lot of time and resources from buying multiple SEO software services.

Small & Medium-Sized Businesses 

This kind of business most probably needed help in boosting their business through optimizing their search engine. SEO can get them a top content idea from popular websites and find the most effective keywords to improve their organic traffic to gain new customers.

Boost Your Business

Seodity also stated that their most cost-effective subscription package is made up for this kind of business which starts at $89 a month.

Startups & SaaS

Startups and SaaS can use Seodity to attract new customers, thus, increasing their revenue. Finding the best keyword for google ads campaigns and monitoring their competitors are both crucial in growing such businesses and improving their rank in the competition. 

Freelancers SEO

Seodity offers an affordable package- SEO Specialist Complete Toolkit for freelancers, which costs $29; where they can analyze and improve unlimited websites and offers all of the SEO tools in one place.

Seodity Price

Seodity offers four packages, Bronze which is a great plan to start; Silver which is compatible with small and medium-sized- enterprises; Gold, suitable for prominent websites and e-commerce and Agency for SEO agencies. The packages cost &89; $149; $299 and $399 respectively.

The Bronze can analyze 3,000 web pages, generate 350 keywords, monitor ten competitors, and analyze 30,000 backlinks.

Silver can analyze 10,000 web pages, create 1,200 keywords, monitor 20 competitors and analyze 80,000 backlinks.

The Gold offers to analyze 100,000 web pages, 4,000 keywords, 50 competitors, and 400,000 backlinks.

Lastly, the Agency provides twice the offer of the Gold package. 



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 Our Opinion About It

With Seodity, you can analyze and improve as many websites as you want. Unlike other SEO tools, there are no limits on the number of websites or projects you can create; as Seodity claimed, it can be able to help a wide range of businesses from e-commerce owners, freelancers, agencies, and start-ups. Its feature where a user can analyze the competitors of their competitors can provide clear insight and fresh ideas for the user to know their next step for their SEO to gain an advantage. 

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