Serpstat Review – Make Your Web Page An SEO Goldmine Using Serpstat

Serpstat Review: Growth Hacking Tool for SEO, PPC and More


What is Search Engine Optimization?

If you’re working in digital marketing, you’ll hear the term SEO, or search engine optimization, often.

Simply put, the higher a site ranks on search results, and the more frequently it appears, the easier it is for that site to generate leads.

Search engine optimization is the strategized process of making these results visible and, overall, driving traffic towards your site; these are often referred to as “organic” or “earned” results.

It can also serve as an umbrella term for any methods site owners use to ensure their content’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Optimizing a website can be done in a number of ways, such as editing its content and/or coding to include more target keywords, increasing the number of backlinks on the site, structuring the site to make it friendly and understandable for search engines, etc.

In order for SEO strategies to work, it’s important to consider things like how search engines conduct themselves, the algorithms they apply, which keywords and terms people are searching for, and what the most popular search engines are for your ideal customer.

What is Serpstat?

Serpstat is a multi-tool platform designed to help businesses improve their search engine optimization efforts.

It specializes in important areas of SEO such as Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, Rank Tracking, and more.

Serpstat launched in 2015 and competed against alternatives like SEMRush, Ahrefs, and SimilarWeb. Today, it welcomes over 100,000 registered users.

Registered users can search for up to 30 queries daily at no cost, while more advanced benefits are offered for paying customers. It offers eight different paid plans starting at $19 a month for 300 daily queries.

How to Use Serpstat

Knowing how to use Serpstat’s tools can quickly mark your path to a better-optimized webpage.

Let’s take a look at the features Serpstat can offer and how to navigate them.

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Research and Collect Top-performing Keywords

Knowing what keywords to use in your website’s content is a substantial part of optimizing your website. Serpstat’s Keyword Research module is a great place to start.

Under this tab, you can enter any keyword or term, pick a search engine, and allow Serpstat to collect its relevant data.

The Overview page will offer you a list of profitable keywords and variations that make competing websites rank high on search results.

Additionally, these keywords and the original term can be compared by performance rate, meaning search volume, CPC, number of search results, and more important factors.

All of this information is provided in clear graphs and lists that can be used to analyze keyword trends and determine their value, resulting in relevant, optimized content.

Analyze and Understand Leading Universal Search Results

Serpstat offers tools for Search Analysis that allow you to track and monitor global search results.

This means you get to know how your site’s SEO is performing around the world. Data analysis can be filtered by a search engine, including those belonging to any country or language.

Likewise, using their Search Suggestions database, you can also study what your target audience is thinking about – and searching about – and use this information to bump your pages up in SERPs, thereby attracting more visitors.

Maximize Your Advertising Campaigns by Studying Ad Data

By traveling under Website Analysis -> Domain Analysis -> PPC Research, you’ll find some very helpful tools that can strengthen your site’s advertising campaign.

When you search for a domain name or URL, you’ll be shown examples of ads your competitors are displaying and will be able to conduct research on their campaigns, including how high the ads are ranking in search results and how much they’re garnering in CPC.

By analyzing the list of relevant keywords that are showing up in others’ paid search results, it can give you great ideas for improving your own ad strategies and stand out amongst your niche rivals.

Tailor Your Content Marketing And See What Gets Traffic

One of the things SEO strategies help us do is discover methods for better-optimized content creation that generates the most visitors.

Serpstat helps make this happen by providing data on what content works well.

Keyword searches can lead you to a list of Top Pages, including information on how many shares their content is getting and how much-estimated traffic they’re driving in overall.

You can compare this feedback to your own projects side by side, and use the potential traffic volume of other pages to make better decisions on what content to provide and promote on your webpages.

Not to mention, better knowledge of relevant keywords in your niche will always help enrich your content marketing.

Study Your Competitors’ Performance and Compare Your Pages

On Serpstat, it’s easy to find out who your site’s competitors are by entering your own site URL into the system.

You’ll be able to find a list of your main rivals in order of relevance, the differences between your websites, as well as what keywords you have in common.

You can view search result similarities for each of these keywords and, using the Batch Analysis Tool; you can compare the rankings of several different domains, down to every SEO detail.

Find out which pages are the most visible and why they’re ranking the highest in your niche, and use that visual data to benefit from their experience.

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Monitor Top Global Search Rankings on a Daily Basis

Rank Tracking is one of the most important modules Serpstat offers.

Serpstat gives you access to a list of the Top 100 ranking positions for each of your searched keywords. The keywords can be grouped by tags or monitored individually.

You can also monitor your direct competitors’ rankings universally or locally – even by zip code area.

This will all relate back to your own project, so you’ll be able to track your own page’s ranking and improve its visibility with the rest of Serpstat’s SEO tools.

These results are all provided on a daily basis so you can keep a fresh view of your performance versus your competitors.

Use On-Page Audit to Fix Your Page’s SEO Mistakes

Serpstat’s Side Audit module will analyze your website and present you with a list of gaps or mistakes in its optimization, such as duplicate content, missing pages, coding errors, etc.

It can also show you solutions to these errors, on-site and off-site, in order to minimize the negative influence your page might have on search engine rankings.

This detailed analysis helps improve your page’s overall SEO efficiency, with the goal of becoming a website search engines can understand and link to.

Backlinks are incoming links on websites to other websites, and they’re an important tool in search engine optimization efforts.

Websites that rank high on search engine results will undoubtedly have a lot of backlinks.

Serpstat’s module for Backlink Analysis provides a detailed report of backlink data once you enter a domain, be it your website or a competitor’s.

This includes a list of anchors, referring domains and pages, and any backlink changes made in the last three months; giving you a good overall look at the backlink strategies a domain is using.

You can monitor backlinks from any domain or keyword with one click.

Additionally, Serpstat’s flow metrics, including Trust Rank and Page Rank features, will give you an insight towards reliable sources offering quality backlinks.

Why Serpstat is the Best All-in-One SEO Platform

The basics of search engine optimization can be learned by anyone, but it can also be very complex to do right. Most website owners will benefit from having a platform to help them with SEO.

Serpstat may have launched only a couple of years ago, but it’s already proved its outstanding efficiency in data analysis and market intelligence.

It provides all the tools an entrepreneur needs to optimize their page to its fullest capacity, and it presents it all in a clean interface, with infographics and reports that are easy to understand, even for a total beginner.

I’ve never seen an all-in-one website as efficient in what it does as Serpstat. If you don’t believe me, you can try out its features for yourself at no cost – I highly recommend it!

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