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Your boss can come up to you and tell you to write 11 articles in one week.

Bosses often focus on quantity but don’t realize the time and effort that goes into creating quality content.

This can be a big challenge for all content creators, especially writers.

Snazzy AI claims to help users create content faster and more efficiently.

Sounds pretty great right?

I mean, who doesn’t want to streamline the content creation process? It makes your life easier and it makes your boss happy. 

In this article, I’ll use the Snazzy AI tool to analyze whether it’s a tool worth using. Instead of just listing its features, I’ll walk you through the process of creating content using this tool.

This way, we’ll determine whether it’s really worth investing in.

Let’s begin!

What is Snazzy AI?

This content creation tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) software to make the copywriting process more efficient.

This tool is geared towards content creators, writers, and digital marketers.

Here’s what you can do with Snazzy AI:

  1. Build your campaign
  2. Create landing pages in record time
  3. Use diverse templates to streamline the copywriting process
  4. Create Google Ads from scratch
  5. Devise catchy brand slogans
  6. Create a product description

The things you can do with this tool are rather promising!

Now, let’s actually use the tool and see what it’s made of.

Shall we? 

Analysis of Snazzy AI Features

Once you sign up for a free trial, you get direct access to your account. The dashboard gives you multiple templates to choose from.

These templates are divided into five main categories:

  1. Emails
  2. Writing
  3. Website
  4. Ads
  5. Brand

Email Templates

There are three types of email templates. The Sales Outreach templates help you create new connections and generate leads with bespoke email copy.

Featured Collection

There are three types of email templates. The Sales Outreach templates help you create new connections and generate leads with bespoke email copy.


When you click on Sales Outreach, you are led to this page that shows details about your business. You can adjust or add new things to each of the categories as necessary.


The little arrows make that possible. You can just add more information based on your audience, brand keywords, description, etc. It’s all totally customizable.


If you want to customize the tone of your email, you can do so as well. This could be really useful if you are trying to go for a more inspiring or entertaining tone.


I chose to use an informative tone for this email and clicked ‘create,’ and voila, the email copy was written for me.


Here is what Snazzy AI wrote for me based on the information I gave. If you see the outcome and are displeased with it, you simply give it a thumbs down and scroll to see your other options.

If you do like the template, then you can save it, copy it, or bookmark it for future reference.

As a copywriter myself, I feel some type of way about artificial intelligence writing for me. But if I put that bias aside, this is actually pretty impressive. 

Once you hit ‘create’ it takes seconds to get the email copy ready.

Welp, there goes my job!

Pitch a VC

Now let’s try the Email Pitch feature. It works the same way as Sales Outreach does.


Users get the chance to edit the company details, target audience, and description. You can also customize the tone in the same way we did in the Sales Outreach section.

Yet again, it took seconds to create this pitch template:

VC Email

Just…wow! It takes me longer to blink than for Snazzy AI to write email copy for me.

Of course, it will need tweaking to suit my email marketing campaigns.

But overall, this has saved so much time from staring at the laptop with that “where do I begin” anxiety.


Snazzy AI doesn’t just give you one template to choose from, there’s usually two-three options to choose from. Each email takes a slightly different angle and users can edit accordingly. 

Pitch an Angel

The last email creation feature is called ‘Pitch an Angel’. It works exactly like Sales Outreach and Pitch a VC.

Take a look at the investor pitch Snazzy AI created:


The detail…the tonality…the speed is amazing…shall I go on? 

This email creation tool is incredibly impressive!

Writing Feature

Writing Feature

There are only two writing templates available so far. The Blog Outline template is coming soon and is currently unavailable.


Yet again, you can specify the details of your company and services. When this is done, you click create and a product description is tailored for you.

Here is what Snazzy AI came up with for me:

Product Description

Notice how it took these few details and formulated clear and concise sentences in this product description.

On top of that, the description includes percentages and metrics that are always important for product descriptions.

It’s interesting that it doesn’t sound like an automated body of work. It sounds real.

Blog Ideas

The Blog Idea template is a place for writers to brainstorm new topics for their blogs.

It works just like all the other templates.

Here is what Snazzy AI generated for me:

Blog Ideas

The blog ideas are very similar to the persona I’ve created on this tool. I guess it makes sense, but from an SEO perspective, how were these topics determined?

Most bloggers know that keyword research is an essential part in the development of quality blog content. It’s not just a matter of writing what ‘makes sense.’

In this digital age, and with this overflow of online content, bloggers have to create content strategies based on keywords.

And not just any keywords, but specifically those with high search volumes, or low SEO difficulty ratings. 

It’s much more complicated than Snazzy AI makes it seem. This is the one feature that I do not trust at all.

It’s a good start for the brainstorming process, but it isn’t the best approach to writing blog articles.

Website Templates

Website Templates

The website feature offers four main templates. This doesn’t help people design websites, it’s focused on building website content.

One of the most important parts of website content is the landing page.

Landing Page

As you already know, the template will be created based on the preselected company description.

Here is the landing page template that Snazzy AI created for me:

Real Skills Writer
Home Office

So, Oakmont (my imaginary company) gives business owners access to professional writers.

The landing page communicates this effectively. The template is rather long, it goes all the way to the footnotes that lead website visitors to other pages on the website.

The speed is rather impressive, however, there is more to writing landing page copy than meets the eye.

Copywriters have to make sure that the content is persuasive and engaging. But they also have to ensure that they use the right keywords and reach certain word limits to optimize the landing page.

This is very important because it helps a website page rank for specific keywords. If I wanted to rank for the words “hire professional writers”, I wouldn’t be able to do that with Snazzy AI because it doesn’t go that in-depth.

If you send this landing page to SEO professionals, they’ll laugh you out of the room.

Header and Description

Perhaps Snazzy AI will do a better job with the Header and Description templates.

Here is what Snazzy AI generated for me:


Hm…this isn’t bad.

Here’s another template option:

Need a Writer?

What do you think?

I’m not dissatisfied with this at all actually. The headers are quite eye-catching and intriguing. The descriptions are short and concise, which is also nice.

The Header and Description templates are way better than the landing page templates for sure.


Using the same method we always use, the Feature templates create content for websites to showcase product details.

Here’s what Snazzy AI came up with:


This is pretty straightforward. If you use this for your website, then visitors can just click on the features to learn more about each of your products and services.

Snazzy AI makes it easy to create landing page copy and other engaging website content.

Ad Templates


Only two types of ad templates are available in this feature.

Here are the Google Ads that Snazzy AI generated for me:


Option one isn’t very impressive. The heading looks very spammy.

Here’s another option:

Google Ads

I like this one better since it’s shorter and the heading makes more sense. It’s nice that the ad goes straight to “get started today” and emphasizes that writers can get paid weekly.

This is great because it’s important to capture people’s attention in the first two sentences.

It’s pretty much the same with Facebook Ad templates. It seems to be a hit-or-miss type of situation. But the ads aren’t bad actually. Users can simply edit them according to their specific business needs.

Brand Templates


There is only one template for the brand feature, which is quite underwhelming.

Here’s what Snazzy AI generated for my brand:


These are kind of cool!

It’s not easy to come up with catchy taglines for a new brand and Snazzy AI makes the brainstorming process way easier.

If you’re the type of person who prefers to come up with a brand tagline from the heart, then this feature isn’t for you.

But if you’re looking for the quickest way to do it, then you’ll love this feature!

Snazzy AI Pricing & Payment Plans

One of the good things about this tool is that you can sign up for free and have free access to all its features.

There’s just a limitation on the number of things you can actually do.

Pricing & Payment

You’re given about 5 daily credits and when you’ve used them up for the day, then you have to upgrade to have unlimited access.

This is what the free option offers:

Free Offers

You could choose not to and limit your access by just using the daily credits, but it’s not the best option for people who have to pump out excessive amounts of content. 

But this is really great for those of you who just want to test the waters before committing to a new tool.

Here are the two payment plans available:


If you don’t want to have a daily cap on the features you can use, then you can start with one of these plans.

Learn more about the Snazzy AI payment plans here

Pros & Cons of Using Snazzy AI

These are the Pros:

  1. The AI software does the heavy lifting
  2. Content creation time goes from hours to minutes
  3. It’s very user-friendly
  4. The tools are easy to learn how to use
  5. The free option gives you access to all features
  6. Payment plans are affordable
  7. Email templates are pretty fantastic

These are the Cons:

  1. The website templates are not the best
  2. The writing feature isn’t advisable to use for SEO-driven content creators
  3. The brand templates are underwhelming
  4. Snazzy AI doesn’t pay attention to content optimization

Final Verdict

So here’s the moment of truth!

Snazzy AI works really well if you’re a content creator trying to find the fastest possible way to create content.

It’s fantastic at analyzing your data and generating content in seconds. 

However, you can’t solely rely on this tool for content creation because it doesn’t optimize the content. In fact, using this content could hurt your site’s SEO.

I don’t recommend using this tool to actually build blog content. You can use another alternative like, which uses competitive analysis and keyword research to help you build content. You can read my review of it here.

The final verdict is: Snazzy AI scores 90%

If you’re interested in trying this tool out for yourself, then you can sign up for Snazzy AI here. 

Try Snazzy AI Now!

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