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Synthesys is developing the algorithm for text to voice-over and videos that the users can use for marketing and other business purposes. This tool enhances the videos on your web pages, whether it be a promotional videos, guiding videos or product introductions, or tutorials in a short matter of time with a human-like voice. 

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Synthesis does not only help those who manage established businesses but can also be a great tool for start-ups and students who are having difficulties with their video projects. Whoever you are, Synthesys might just have the feature that you need with your video tasks and gives you the output you need in a quick amount of time and easy-to-follow instructions. 

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What is Synthesys

Synthesys is an AI-powered virtual media platform that allows you to easily create your own videos using its revolutionary lip-synching AI video technology, where you can create a unique, virtual spokesperson to deliver visuals to deliver your message in a higher quality. This cloud-based application makes it super convenient to create and edit voice-overs. 

This tool also allows you to translate scripts into multi-languages that can help your business reach a global market and can always re-edit on-the-go video content to make it suitable for current events or new product promotions. 

 It transforms your text into realistic virtual audio with human-like audio.

You can do this in just five easy steps; first, you’ll choose your spokesperson best for you, depending on your brand, business, or story. There are 60 hyper-realistic human avatars that can have different languages, ethnicities, and ages to choose from to fit your video content. The synthesis also allows you to merge these avatars into one video to create a scene without any technical difficulties.  

Second, you can upload your own or choose the voice of your AI video; you will have the control to choose every aspect of the voice and tone that you want; you’ll be able to insert pauses, alter the speed, and even confirm pronunciation. You can choose from over 300 voices in multiple languages, accents, and moods to find your perfect spokesperson. 

The third thing you need to do is to add your script to the website interface by copying and pasting or typing. 

Fourth, select your background, you can choose a background from the many options provided by Synthesys, or you can upload your background depending on your own liking. 

Fifth and last is to click “create” and wait for the rendering of the video to end. The range of time for rendering a video may vary depending on the length of the video. 

Synthesys provides high-resolution production quality; it offers a choice of resolution to meet your requirement and needs and allows you to give your viewers their high expectations. It is a useful tool since statistical research shows that 85% of viewers are more likely to remember the contents of a video than reading content. Thus, we can say that video content is now rising and can be considered the new norm in marketing.

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Pricing Information

Synthesis offers a one-time purchase of either of their two plans; License Tier 1, which costs $69, and License Tier 2, which costs $179. 

Both packages offer all features listed below. While License Tier 1 provides a limit of 30 videos per month and a hundred voice-over downloads per month, License Tier 2 has no limits for both services. 

Plans And Features

The plan offers lifetime access to Synthesys and all its future Audio, and Human Studio Synthesys Plan updates. The features included in all of the plans are accessible to 73 humatars with the extra outfits included, access to 66 languages, and 254 general voices; in addition to that are the upcoming all-new languages and general voices. The purchaser, regardless of their chosen plan, can upload their own voice, get full video customisation, be fully web-based, and have access to 30 real human voices. 

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Important Notice About the Tool

The purchaser must activate their license within 60 days of purchase and have the ability to downgrade or upgrade their chosen plan.

Human Synthesys videos follow the synthesis fair use policy, which states a limit of 10 videos generated per day. 

Synthesis allows you a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The maximum length of one video that the users can create is up to 12 minutes long; each slide can have a maximum character of 1,000 characters and can add up to 12 slides per video.

Some users claim that synthesis has a bad quality of voice in certain languages and can easily point out that it is synthetically generated voices and not human-like voices nor close to it; however, the creator responded by adding it to their list of improvements. 

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If you are interested in these kinds of tools and think that Synthesis is not for you, here are some of your alternatives

  • RapidMiner
  • Forsta
  • IBM Watson Studio
  • Chattermill
  • NLTK
  • Microsoft Knowledge Exploration Service 
  • Amazon Comprehend
  • TIBCO Data Science

User’s Review 

A verified purchaser named sumoling listed down her point about the pros, cons and some that need improvement on the product. The user acknowledged the decent looking and wide range of options of humatars that the tool provided, sumoling also applauded the good lip-synching of those models. 

However, the rendering speed of the video is not fast enough to meet his requirements, plus the limit of the resolution of the humatar is only up to 720p, which for some people, is still considered not a high-resolution quality, especially if it is overlaid by a high-resolution background. 

He also stated the users would like it more if the fair usage metric is in terms of minutes and not on the number of metrics and to add an option to export a humatar video with a transparent background so that users don’t have to remove the green background in another video editor that can save a lot of time. He concluded by applauding Synthesys for the good start that it achieved.

Fazil78558, who is another verified purchaser, commented that he is very happy with the value that Synthesys provided for his business and that he had the option for a professional and gender-neutral avatar which is exactly what he’s been looking for. He also praises Synthesys for its reasonable price and recommends Synthesys to anyone looking for high-quality voiceover work, and grabs the offer before it ends. 

This is similar to Dalphine, who is very happy that through accessing the tool, she was able to save a huge amount of money on voice-over actresses and actors and thinks that this software product will start making a difference in the video world forever. 

Wrap It Up

Using a human-like voiceover and model for your video presentation can help create a personal connection between your customer and your brand. This will help in building trust and authority for your message. 

Synthesys, proven by the many reliable reviews from verified purchasers, demonstrate promising features that can help you with your video task and ensures high-quality output for your company. 

It is advisable to take advantage of this product to gain the upper hand over your competitors when it comes to digital marketing. 

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