VYPER Review – Create a Giveaway or Viral Contest

VYPER Review: Create Giveaways & Engage Your Audience through this Tool


What is VYPER?

VYPER is a service that gives you the tools to create campaigns using upgraded contentsweepstakesleaderboards for contests, and interactive popups that you can potentially make viral.

These tools enhance your audience’s viewing of your website and emails.

VYPER offers you tools that you can use to:

  • give a bonus in exchange for an email
  • encourage your audience to participate in contests
  • prize they could win
  • interactive content

This is the new trend for 2017 engagement. These are the types of content people are wanting to see and interact with.

Adding VYPER’s interactive tools to your websiteemails, and newsletters will ultimately benefit you and your business by increasing your audience’s time on your website and building organic traffic.

What is a Viral Campaign?

viral campaign/viral marketing is a technique that utilizes social media platforms and other services, such as emailbusiness sites, and tools to produce awareness about a marketing objective, such as a brand, product, or business.

Being a new business is hard – because being noticed among the competition and well-known brands can make it seem nearly impossible to build your own brand.

However, there are ways to achieve viral acknowledgment and get your products sold. Ways to do this are creating content that is engaging and informative as well as hitting with powerful wordsemotional impacts, and awareness.

I’ll show you some examples of campaigns that have gone viral:

1: Dove’s Real Women Real Beauty Campaign

This campaign went viral because Dove wants to show us that we are far too critical on our looks than how we are actually perceived by those around us. This is an example of an emotional campaign that we can relate to.

2: GoldieBlox

GoldieBlox designs books and toys for girls that promote the study of science and engineering – a male-dominated profession. This is a campaign that focuses on raising children with equal knowledge and abilities and opening the way for girls to learn about STEM.

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The Tools on VYPER

Besides your dashboard (which is my favorite way to view all my campaigns), there are four tools that VYPER provides for you to make your interactive campaign.

They provide the tool – you provide the information and recipients.

Here’s what VYPER gives you to start out with:

  • Viral Content Upgrades
  • Viral Sweepstakes Contests
  • Viral Leaderboard Contests
  • Interactive Popups (in beta testing)

These tools all have the capacity to bring you a successful campaign if you utilize the products correctly. I will show you how to use VYPER to its full potential!

1: Dashboard Overview

love starting with the dashboard – it’s like home. No matter what dashboard you are on, you know where everything is and what is going on.

When checking out products and services, I always check on the dashboard. I want to know what I will see and what to expect.

VYPER’s dashboard is nice and organized and is set up well. It’s very easy to navigate, and everything is a click away.

On the dashboard, you have the dropdown menu where you can select your tool, which they show on my dashboard because I am “getting started”. Below the dropdown menu, you can see three sectionsManage AccountCustomer FAQs, and Logout. Finally, at the top right of the screen, you will see your plan.

2: Content Upgrades

You can choose this option from the dropdown menu, or click get started on the teal box. This will take you to the “Get Started Page” where you will see a video and a button.

Select “Create Content Upgrade”, and you will be taken to the next page where you will fill out a form and have the option to watch the video from before.

On this screen, you’ll see the type of campaign you’re creating with a little information. Below that, you’ll see the Title section where you want to input the name of your bonus item you’re your audience providing their email.

Following that is the Description. In this space, describe the content you’re giving away. Add in the Brand Name of your services and hit Create.

This is where we start creating our campaign. On the screen, you’ll see the Action Bar where you can: Preview Content UpgradeSave, and Next. Underneath that is your Progress Bar that shows where you are in the process of completing your content upgrade.

The blue arrow I have pointing to the form is where your forms will continue to pop up through the process. Fill out the rest of the forms, remember to save, and I’ll meet you after you finish.

When you have filled out all the forms, choose to preview content upgrade. Here’s what I get:

If everything looks and works well, you can then embed and publish the content upgrade to your websitenewsletters, or emails.

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3: Viral Contests

You can choose this option from the dropdown menu, or click get started on the purple box. This will take you to the “Get Started Page” where you will see a video and a button.

Click on the “Get Started” for the Viral Sweepstakes Contest and be taken to a similar page with a video. Select “Create New Content”.

Once you begin the process, fill out the form again with the TitleSubheading, and Brand Name. Then select Create.

The screens look very similar between the content creators – which makes it easy to work with and gives a sense of familiarity. Remember to save your work periodically, and continue to the next screen until your progress takes you to the winner’s section.

This is the part where you make your contest go Live. In the Launch Contest section, select LIVE! from the dropdown menu and then hit Save. Your contest is now live and ready to bring in your leads.

4: Viral Leaderboard

You can choose this option from the dropdown menu, or click get started on the red box. This will take you to the “Get Started Page” where you will see a video and a button.

On the Get Started page of the Viral Leadership Contest, it shows you the status of your current campaignwhose involved, and their progress. Let’s Create a New Leaderboard.

The beginning is much like the others. Fill out the TitleSubheading, and the Brand Name. Then select Create.

You’ll begin with a progress bar, and remember to Save as you continue through each section. When you get to the Rewards section, you’ll notice it’s a bit different.

As you continue through, you’ll come across the Rewards section. This section tells you about rewards and how they work. They even tell you the best way to do rewards. When you’re ready, select Create New Rewards.

Fill out the form for the reward and continue to do this until you have all your awards in place. Then continue until you get to the Launch Page.

When you are ready to Launch Your Contest, select LIVE! from the dropdown menu, and then select Save. Your contest is live and sent out.

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5: Interactive Popups

You can choose this option from the dropdown menu, or click get started on the green box. This will take you to the “Get Started Page” where you will see a video and a button.

The dashboard of the Interactive Popup is similar to the Viral Leadership Contest. Click on Create Interactive Popups, but remember that these are still in Beta testing so be warry of any errors or issues when in use.

Start like usual, type in your Title and Brand Name and click Create. You can choose to watch the video as well.

On the next screen, you’ll see the familiar Save Panel and Progress Bar. Start, as usual, fill in the forms along each step. The next step is the Prizes Section.

The Prizes Section is just like the setup of the rewards section in the viral leaderboard contest. Click on Create Interactive Prize.

Fill in the form for the prize that your audience member will winhow to redeem their prize, and the chances of each person winning. Click Create and continue to do this until all your prize slots are filled.

When you are ready to Publish your Interactive Popup, just paste the code to your website/blognewsletter, or emailSend it out, notify your audience, and wait for the contestants to participate!

Overall Thoughts on VYPER

Overall, I find myself satisfied with the tools VYPER has to offer. The customizable content of each interactive tool made it possible for me to be creative and gear the contest to my site and my audience.

love the forms where I can design the layout of how the form will be presented to the audience. I also really like the part when I’m able to choose the rewards and prizes for my contest, how to win them, and how to enter.

My favorite part of using VYPER is it took no time. I was able to create my tools with easeaccuracy, and in under 30 minutes. I can really appreciate products that save me time!

What I did find while using these tools is that:

  • VYPER makes it easy to create content.
  • There is always someone available to help you.
  • The interactive tools are easy to create AND publish.
  • Integrating your email list and social media are simple tasks.
  • VYPER has your best interests in mind when creating these tools.

When I look at the pricing and what’s included in each package:

  1. Lite Plan @ $29/Month or $299/year with 2 months free.
  2. Pro Plan @ $49/month or $499/year with 2 months free.
  3. Enterprise Plan @ $129/month or $1299/year with 2 months free.

I tested out the Enterprise plan on my free trial, and honestly, there were not many differences between them.

You still receive all the same benefits – until you reach the leads you’ll generate which are unlimited on the higher-priced plans, but for the Lite plan, you get capped at 10,000.

On the Lite plan, you won’t receive any Pixel TrackingCustom Entries, a Subdomain, and you will have VYPER branding on all your content.

However, I do think that the $49/month Pro Plan is worth the investment. If you create enough interactive tools, this will be a sound investment that will continue to reap benefits overtime for you.

I don’t think an occasional contest would justify the amount you spend on the tool. This is more for large production of contests and content.

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